Does McDonald's or Subway really make the best burger or sub?

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Part of my job as a real estate speaker/trainer is to keep up to date on the latest news, fads, tools and technologies that come out so that I can determine if I think they are here to stay and worth covering with Realtors or if they are here today and gone tomorrow and not worth our time (see talking signs as a case in point). Well I just got off of a Webinar I was doing for Realtors on creating new leads using both the old school and new school methods to create the maximum number of opportunities in today's marketplace and one of the newest methods that I think is worth paying attention to was demonstrated by Dream Town Realty in Chicago who actually decided to leverage the popular coupon site

They created a coupon for buyers and sellers in their area that would cost the potential clients $25 up front, but if they used Dream Town Realty to buy or sell they would get back $1,000 in cash at the closing as long as their purchase or sale was greater than $150,000 and they closed within the next 12 months. Amazingly enough they had 219 people sign up for this attractive offer in only one month. I think we all would agree that we would be ok with being connected with 219 potential clients that are serious enough about buying or selling a house in the short term that they are willing to pay up front for a coupon.

Now Groupon is only available in major cities but if you are considering using such a tactic as Dream Town Realty you may want to check out or the newest site that actually focuses on secondary markets and was created by the popular founder, Jon Washburn, called There is even a coupon site created specifically for real estate deals called

Either way, I believe there is a greater point to be made here. Sometimes it is not the best Realtor’s that are always the most successful. Just like in any business that depends on the overall market to support them. Your ultimate success as a real estate professional comes down to one thing… Your ability to market yourself!! Do you think that you can’t get a better burger than the one that McDonald’s wants to sell you or a better sub than the one that Subway will make you? Of course you can, but they are both international franchises based on the success they have had in marketing themselves to the world and therefore making themselves an option for just about everybody. Pop’s Subs might make a better sandwich but you have never even heard of them so it really doesn’t matter how tasty it may be.

My point is simple. I think it is important to provide the best service and be the most incredible Realtor and best option in your marketplace for anyone looking to buy or sell but you are not the best option to anyone if you are not first an option, meaning that they know who you are and what you offer. How are you going to do this better in 2011?

I look forward to connecting with so many of you!

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Dianne Deming
RE/MAX Realty Group - Rehoboth Beach, DE

I think this is a very intriguing idea!

Apr 20, 2011 06:36 AM
Shwetambara Reddy

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I guess Mcdonalds do provide a very good service. Food delivery is very quick and the quality of food is quite fresh. My experience with Mcd was always amazing and i hust love his food. Apart from all this we get disounts on our online orders by utilizing McDonalds coupons.

May 09, 2013 07:18 PM