If I have to pull ONE MORE WEED!!!

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Well this is an argument that my wife won last year, and I have to be completely honest I am so glad she did. Pulling Weeds

Living in Arizona you wouldn't think right away that weeds would be an issue, afterall most of the homes have a desert landscape here which is mostlly rock. However for those of us who like trees and shrubs in the yards we need drip systems, which provides a nice steady flow of moisture and weeds are abundant. A little over a year ago we had some pretty heavy rains as well and within just days we had weeds everywhere. Since I decided to ignore them for another week we had huge weeds everywhere.

The last time that we had a similar situation it took us several hours to clean up the yard, and my wife was less than thrilled. "if i have to pull ONE more weed!" and I'll let you imagine how the rest of that convesation went.

Thankfully we recieved a referral from a friend of ours for a local company to take care of our weed issues. Award Services Weed Control to the rescue. We contacted Lewis at Award Services and he came out and explained completely the services they offer and after getting started I don't think we'll ever pull another weed. Lewis comes out twice a year, and if we have anything pop up in between those visits we just give him a call and he comes out to take care of it.

Of all the money that we spend on maitanence around the house, this service is worth it. Give Lewis at Award Services a call today.

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Cara Marcelle Mancuso
Golden Girls with SW Desert Homes - Tucson, AZ
Call a Marana neighbor, I'm THERE!

Bermuda grass is the absolute WORST!  I love the weed guys that do service with a guarantee - because you KNOW those little buggers will be popping up again.  Great referral post.

Apr 26, 2011 01:55 PM