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Good afternoon everyone !

 My name is Marco Pontillo, I am a fully licensed Real Estate Advisor with Sutton West Coast Realty on the North Shore.

Just before a huge extra long weekend approaches, I want to mention a few trends that are emerging in the Real Estate Market in Greater Vancouver, especially in my farming area- North Vancouver and West Vancouver.

I want to touch on a few things I have learned in my life time with real estate - LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION !

If buyers are confident in the location of the property, they are more likely to buy over a competitive home in another area because of that specific location.

Yes, of course, it includes pricing, the actual house etc....but I am being vague here and making a point !

Well, now we can add something to this....You have a home, property, condo, whatever Real Estate it may be and you are looking to sell and cash in on your investments, equity,upgrade, downgrade or whatever your goals are, you may want to consider a few things that I as a Real Estate Advisor thinks is a fantastic idea...

wait for it.................. PRICING PRICING PRICING...Its not just location location location anymore...there is an added figure to the equation to gain MAXIMUM value when selling your home in a desirable location. 

Have you ever thought of pricing your property UNDER fair market value? Why would you do this? So I as a Real Estate Representative can make a fast sale and move on to the next project?

There must be more reasons?

Let me know if you agree with me here.......

You want to sell your home, maximize your sale, making the top dollar, in the most inconvenient way possible?

Marco Pontillo Real Estate Advisor answers this:

We are seeing a very HOT HOT HOT market on the North Shore and West Vancouver. According to stats, we have seen records broken, some homes selling with 24 plus different offers and selling 200k over asking if not more...The answer:

PRICE your property HOT, it will attract all the potential buyers and create a bidding war...in turn will MAXIMIZE your sale !

It is not simple, but it can be achieved with a full service Real Estate Services Agent like myself : Marco Pontillo Real Estate Advisor : Marketing Properties with Sutton west coast realty in north Vancouver !

Having a Realtor, a enthusiastic one at that, that understands network marketing, aggressive promotion and value pricing, will give you the top dollar for your home! hands down...and I truly believe in Marketing and Sales of properties...

My name is Marco Pontillo, give me a call to discuss any personal Real Estate Interests you may have in your neighbourhood!

 Thanks for reading, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment and lets hear if you agree or disagree and why : Thank you for reading folks



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