Tips to Make Moving Day Easier

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I really don't think anyone loves moving day. You may love being settled in your home, but the process of packing and unpacking can be very stressful. The goods news it that there are some simple tips to make it easier. Making a move can be quite smooth as long as you simplify and get organized.

Here are my favorite tips to make your move easier:

When packing:

Pack up one room at a time. Pack all items from that particular room, whether it be the kitchen or downstairs bathroom, together so that they stay together and are easier to unpack. The ease of this is that when you're unpacking you don't have to waste time moving from room to room and figuring out where things go.

Label like a demon.  Label, label, label in big, bold letters for each box. Make sure to mark "fragile" on any boxes with breakable items.

Keep only what you want. Moving is a great time to pare down. If you come across items that you know you won't be using anymore don't bother with the cost and hassle factor of moving them. Keeping stuff you don't really want will take up space in your new home and eat up your time because you'll be trying to figure out what you should do with them.

When unpacking:

You Gotta Make a Plan. Before you arrive at your new home take the time to decide how you want to work through the unpacking process. Be methodical. Put all of the boxes in the appropriate rooms before you start unpacking. Unpack one room at a time. The best place to start is usually the kitchen, followed by the bathrooms, bedrooms and the living areas.

Focus on the primary living areas first. Don't worry about areas like the deck, storage shed, the garage. Those are the areas that you can take the time to organize later. Get the most important areas unpacked, organized first. By focusing on the essentials, you avoid getting bogged down.

Don't rush. Moving is a big deal as my family found out when we moved cross country from Rhode Island to New Mexico. Know that unpacking and settling in a process.

By keeping these tips in mind, hopefully your moving experience will be more straightforward and less stressful. If you live in Santa Fe and need us to recommend professionals to help you pack and move let us know. And, should you leave your home vacant without a buyer, please call us for a free consultation at 505-919-8711 or