The Art Of Pricing Your Hawaii Kai Property Correctly The First Time

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Don't make the mistake of pricing your house too high or low for the market.  Learn how to set the most effective price for the quick sale of your house at the highest potential profit. 


Get the Best Price for the Sale of Your House in Hawaii Kai, Hawaii

It is a big decision to make.  Now that you have made the decision to sell how do you get the most money for your home in Hawaii Kai

First you want to find other homes on the Hawaii Kai real estate market that are similar in age and size that have recently sold in your neighborhood.  This is called finding comparables for your home.

You want to find at least three homes in Hawaii Kai that have the same number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as similar square footage.  The closer the properties that have recently sold are to your property the better comparison it will be for the price you can expect for your home.

It is best to find homes in Hawaii Kai that are approximately on the same sized lot and the same age as well.  To get comparables you can contact a local title company or a local real estate agent.

It is best to ask for 6-10 comparable properties from the Hawaii Kai real estate market area when asking for comparable statistics.  Most agents and title companies will be happy to fax these over for you to view.

Once you have the property addresses it is a good idea to drive by these other properties to see how they compare visually to your house.

Ask yourself the following questions and take notes on them:
Is the property in better or worse condition than mine? (does it need paint, a new roof, fencing, etc.)
Are there any noise problems by the property that would lower the value. (busy street, highway, bar, etc.)
What is the immediate curb appeal? (Do you feel drawn to the house, does it have character?

Make notes on each house as it is easy to forget details when you drive by many houses in one day.  You may even want to take photos of the houses for future reference.

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