Geez I Appreciate My Clients!

Real Estate Agent with Resident Realty

Geez I appreciate my clients!

I appreciate my clients; my sellers, my buyers. I will work hard for them to accomplish their goals. I have worked with many more buyers than sellers. That’s fine for me. Buying a home is fun. Viewing all the homes available; helping them find the right lender, the right loan; finding the “one.” The one home they fall in love with.

All for “free” to the buyer; and I clearly explain how that works; the excitement when we find just the right match.

Helping sellers; helping them price their home, helping them prepare their home, helping them achieve their goals; helping them with better service and a lower price. I will not participate in formal or informal anti trust practices or advocate them.

I do not disrespect sellers for finding the best value. The most services for the least money. I respect this.

Helping both buyers and sellers with knowledge, skills, abilities and experience. And knowing I depend upon them to support my family, put the food on the table and earn my keep.

I understand they don’t depend upon me to earn their livings. I appreciate my clients.

Thank you. I hope I provide the value to you, that you deserve. That is my goal.

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