How to have a successful Fund Fraiser

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HTML How to have a Successful funds Raiser

reduce gas cost.jpgpiggy fund raiser.jpgHow to have a Successful Fund Raiser

If your Organization, Club, Team, Church or group is striving to raise money for a program, because it to is a worthy cause and beneficial for everyone then watch this Video:

Syntek XFT is constantly striving to better the lives of all involved with our projects and to be your successful fund raising partner.  To learn more visit for more info.  We offer your organization’s own personal web site unique to your organization at no charge (FREE).  We are very excited that we are able to save your donors money as they contribute to your Fund Raising program monthly.

Wow!  Talk about a WIN-WIN-WIN situation! When your donor makes a donation, they are actually buying a one-of-a-kind product that has been proven safe and effective for over 20 years. But the best part is...  the donors will save more money than it takes to buy it.  So the donor can make a contribution without actually spending more money.  Keep reading below to see what we're talking about with an example of your FREE Fund Raiser Landing Page and personalized web site we create for you to review is below.


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