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(Note: this is a repost for the groups I couldn't include on the first post)

In watching the new documentary on the band Rush ("Beyond the Lighted Stage"), I was particularly fascinated by the interview with drummer Neil Peart and legendary jazz drummer Freddie Gruber.    Peart, widely respected as one of the all-time great rock drummers, had studied with Gruber and when asked about his first lesson he said they didn't play drums...they talked about rhythm and motion and exchanged stories.

Then Gruber said the whole time during the lesson "We were behind the set of drums the whole time...because how you approach what you play determines what you get."

That line has stuck with me because it applies directly to social media, as well.  If you approach social media from the old "tried and true" aggressive sales perspective, you will fail.  Mark my words.  Social media is social media and the sooner you realize the successful approach is the complete opposite of the traditional sales approach, the better your results will be.

This short video from RISMedia made me bristle a little bit at first, what-with its rather cold and sterile approach to social media (not to mention the overused "nightly news" look) but the basic information is right on.  It's not enough to just have  your social media's important to be active on it.  Content truly is king...consistent content:)

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Monica Carosi
New York, NY


you are so right. I am still wondering how to personalize the social media. I mean how to approach them.  I am originally from Italy and over there nobody practice the "follow up rule" once they meet. Starting form that it is easy to understand why european are always pretty worried to get in touch with our leads without putting a kind of pressure on them. The approach we have to social media is also a kind of cultural behaviour.

Thanks for you post. It's very ispiring to me.

Apr 25, 2011 01:38 AM
Mark Boyd
MarQeteer - Lancaster, PA

Thank you for stopping by, Monica.  You bring up a very, very interesting point with your reference to European etiquette.  In America, for the past 20 years the sales approaches most commonly taught were quite aggressive.  Too aggressive.

Social media is a sort of backlash to this.  People can now protect themselves from the proverbial "Type A" personality.  In fact, there's no more sure way to get blacklisted in a social media forum than to lapse into a sales pitch.

Just keep it personal and social on social media forums.  Share pictures of yourself showing you with friends and family...not just business related.  Social media is where people can get to know you as a person from a distance...just by interaction and how you present yourself on your profile.  I describe it as "marketing that doesn't feel at all like marketing" because it's all about people getting comfortable with the "person" side of "business person."  Drop me a line if you have any questions:)

Apr 25, 2011 01:55 AM