What Makes An LEED-Certified Home?

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By Roby Hicks

Before we discuss the makings of LEED-certified home, let us first understand what LEED certification is and why it is important. This rating system stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, formed by the US Green Building Council. This system measures the construction practices followed during the building of a structure or home. This allows the buyers to purchase or build a home that is environmentally friendly.

Its importance:

With the deteriorating state of our environment, having a certifying body that will look into how homes and buildings are built is greatly needed. This will aid homeowners and contractors in monitoring their usage of natural resources. The waste produced and its implication to the environment.

On top of the monitoring, the LEED certification team works hard to promote a better alternative of building structures, an option that will not include hurting the environment. It is admirable how many professionals have worked hard to ensure that the quality is not compromised while following the principles of eco-friendly building. Such principles include the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials, conservation of water, efficient use of energy and preserving the quality of air that will be circulating inside the property.

Better understanding of the LEED certification:

Note that there are four levels of LEED. Corresponding points are given to the properties. The number of points will determine the level of certification from the LEED. There is certified, silver, gold and platinum. Each level has a set of requirements. To be certified, the building project has to apply for it and submit the essential documents. If the certification body is satisfied with, the requirements submitted, then a certificate will be issued.

In order to be certified, the construction of the property should embody the eco-friendly practices. This includes the use of recycled materials, reducing or eliminating the waste generated because of the construction and using materials that do not emit harmful substances to the environment.

The LEED for homes is a great way to guide homeowners who want to purchase or renovate their existing homes and make it more environmentally friendly. To be certified is not easy. Aside from the guidelines to be followed, a third party will be assessing the property. They will validate any claims you have made. They will also ensure that you earn the certification by following eco-friendly standards in building or renovating homes.

Following the LEED guidelines is crucial even if you are not aiming to be certified. Following such guidelines will help you conserve energy, which means lowering your utility bills. This will also help you conserve water and provide you with a better quality of air at home.

It is time to pay attention to the real condition of our environment. Through this, we will be able to make the necessary changes and help improve its state. The LEED certification is one way of making our world a better place. Builders will be more careful with the materials and processes they use for the construction. This will also give a better option for homebuyers. Now, they will be properly guided when purchasing an eco-friendly property or renovating their exiting home.

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Thank you for the informative post Roby, I am from the Northwest and living green is so important to many of our home buyers here.  Great information! Tanya Runkle

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