Home related water damage

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The five main causes of home related water damage include:

1.  Surface water down foundation walls

2.  Accidents - such as overflowing bathtubs and broken toilets

3.  Flash flooding and excessive rain (Morris County, NJ has its share of this)

4.  Sewer backup - tree roots tree roots are the most common things that invade and clogg drain lines.

5.  Broken pipes and hoses: Old pipes, dishwasher hoses, and even the refrigerator icemaker hoses fail.

Take a proactive approach to protecting your home.  Start by evaluating your property to determine any possible sources of water damage, then try to use some of the following maintainance solutions:

1.  Keep gutters clear of any debris (especially leaves in the Fall)

2.  Check for leaksunder all of the sinks (kitchen and bathrooms)

3.  If you have an icemaker on your refrigerator, check for wet spots on the floor around the refrigerator.

4.  Replace any caulk around sinks that is missing or deteriorated.

5.  Check washing machine hoses regularly for cranks, bulges, and leaks around hoes connections.

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