A Message to all Loan Officers....when speaking with our mutual Buyers!

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Loan Officers ConfusionBeing a Realtor we often have to be all things in a transaction. Today I am asking for a break from all Loan Officers working with Buyers or potential Buyers.  When qualifying the client , speak in terms the buyers can understand.  Many will not ask questions because they are too embarrassed to appear that they are not getting what you are saying. But most  do not understand, how do I know?  They call me to break it down in terms they can understand. 

I know in this industry like most industries we have our own terminology. Sometimes we need to slow down and remember that we are talking to someone who may know nothing about financing a home.  The breakdown in communication can cause lots of confusion. New buyers especially have a hard time understandings things such as points, how property tax credits work, APR, debt ratios etc.  Slow down and pretend you are talking to someone who knows nothing....it would help us all!

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Mario Rea
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You make a valid point and I have to agree 100%.  I only hope that when a loan officer speaks like that, it is not intentional.  A more insidious thought I have, makes me think they do it on purpose to try to look smart or intimidate the client.

I have been writing loans for over 7 years and before that I was in the pizza business.  I have a college degree and had several pizzerias at one time.  But when I would contact a banker about financial needs that I had, many of them were less than helpful and sometimes rude.  When I started in the mortgage industry, I told myself I would never treat people like that.

Anyway, first time homeowners seem to gravitate toward me.  When I take their application, I give them a list of frequently used terms and a flow chart of how the home buying process should go.  I've found that makes them more open to asking questions and feeling comfortable.

Apr 26, 2011 02:42 PM
Andretta Robinson
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You sound like a rare find.

Apr 26, 2011 03:26 PM
John Pusa
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Andretta - Thank you for sharing very helpful and unique information on loan officers speaks to buyer.

Apr 26, 2011 05:02 PM