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Fast House Buyers Arlington VA: When you are ready to sell, there are numerous people wherever you live that would love to do that for you and collect the commission. While commissions may be earned, it’s not always necessary to sell your house by paying someone else to sell it for you.

Watch Out for Agents that Buy Your BusinessWhen word gets around that you are trying to sell your house, you may get calls from realtors offering to help. What they mean is that they would like to carry your listing, therefore getting the commission when it sells. More aggressive agents might call or stop by to see you and will appear to be quite understanding of your situation and what you want to get for your house. Other agents might have already told you that you can only get a specific amount, no more, for your house because the market is low at this time.

The savvy salesman that has now called you and appears to ‘understand’ why that low price frustrates you might be engaging in a common practice. It’s called ‘buying a listing’ and is somewhat manipulative. The conversation might go in a way that you feel comfortable. The agent might agree with you about the value of the house and even suggest a higher price for it. That’s exactly what any homeowner would love to hear.

Unfortunately, it is somewhat like a bait and switch deal. He or she has no intention of listing it at the higher price, as that would make it impossible to sell the house at that price. So, you will eventually be talked down to the price the other agents suggested in the first place. While you could have used the other agents, you are now using the agent that obtained your business by borderline unethical means. The intention was there from the beginning in most cases.

You can avoid all of this manipulation and competition among agents for your business by simply selling the house directly to an investor. Real estate investors buy houses every day. They give a good value for the houses they buy, although the prices are usually lower that the current market value. The real advantage to selling to an investor is that they are straightforward and fast. You want to sell, they want to buy. No listing is necessary, and no repairs on your part. You’ll simply be offered an amount and accept it or deny it.


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Ben Benita
Ben Benita - Gainesville, VA
Speaker, Author, Game Changer, Coach

I see both sides of teh coin on this...some agents ARE real schmucks, likewise, some Investors ARE real schmucks...until there is a good way to know or tell teh difference, Buyer (and Seller) be ware!!!!

Apr 26, 2011 04:40 PM