Clean or Replace Your Old and Stained Flooring Before You Sell

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Fast House Buyers Allentown PA: The housing market is a bit touchy for sellers these days. That may be an understatement. It’s a buyer’s market so you must make a valiant effort to present your house in the best light possible. The walls should be clean and fresh, the ceilings should be free of yellowing and stains, the plumbing should be shined to a mirror finish, and the floors must be clean, waxed where appropriate, and the carpet should have no worn spots.

Clean or Replace Your Old and Stained Flooring Before You Sell Carpet is a challenge because it tends to wear in time, but only in specific spots. The high traffic areas are particularly vulnerable and the edges tend to become frayed and flattened. How can you effectively fix these worn areas? It’s not easy and sometimes you just have to replace the whole carpet where that’s the case.

Sometimes if the rest of the carpet can be steam cleaned to look good, you can cut out a piece of bad carpet and replace it with a scrap of new that’s cut to fit in the space. Make sure it’s a seamless fit and it’s not obvious that the carpet is of two different ages like a patchwork quilt. If the worn area is a traffic run, try putting a nice runner rug over it if you can’t replace the carpet. The best fix for this problem is to replace the whole room. Carpet is relatively inexpensive today and neutral colors are very easy to find. Beiges and very light browns seem to work well, as do pale gray, pale blue, and sand.

Tile can be covered over easily with new peel and stick tiles. If the old tile is all intact without holes and cracks, just get a few boxes of cheap peel and stick and put it down right over the old flooring. If there are bumps and holes in the tile, fill them in before placing a tile over it. That will give you a nice, even look.

Ceramic or stone tiles that are cracked or pitted should be replaced. You can often find the same tiles by doing a search, or look around in the garage where you may have kept a couple of extras just in case. Most people do so and will be glad they did. Cracked tiles can also be fixed with adhesive designed for the purpose. Talk to a tile professional for advice on how to repair a cracked tile.

Clean or Replace Your Old and Stained Flooring Before You Sell

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