Home Tending in Santa Fe – Arrive at Your Second Home in Style!

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It's Springtime and time to start thinking about getting away to your beautiful, sunny Santa Fe vacation home.  It's time for you to recharge your energies under the beautiful New Mexico skies.

Why not make his vacation extra special by hiring a home tender? What exactly can a home tender/concierge do to make your visit exquisite?

Just image the following:


  • You unlock the front door step in and your home smells so fresh and clean. The sun gleams off your newly polished furniture. In the middle of the dining table and on the coffee tables are bouquets of flowers perfuming the air with their sweet smell.
  • The kitchen sparkles with a basket of fresh fruit sitting on the counter. You pick off a couple of grapes and pop them into your mouth. The wine rack in the corner is stocked with your favorite wines. You open the frig and a bottle is chilling just waiting for you to pour your first sip. The frig is also brimming with delightful food, everything you love including your favorite cheese.
  • You see your favorite magazines and the local newspaper waiting for you. And, of course, the TV that you ordered online has been delivered and installed and is ready for you to watch your favorite program tonight. 
  • Inside your bedroom, the new drapery you ordered has been hung — it looks fantastic, even better than you hoped it would. That shade was exactly the right one to match the bedspread. You peek in your closet and see your jackets and slacks have been to the dry cleaner already. Tomorrow when you meet your friend for lunch you'll be looking your best.
As you kick off your shoes you feel such a deep feeling of satisfaction. You can feel the stresses of life draining away now that you're in the healing energies of Santa Fe.

 Let us make this a reality for you so that you're homecoming can be special and all that you want it to be by contacting us now at  www.HomeSweetHomeTending.com.


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