Boomer Business Start-Up Strategy #6

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Take Massive Action!

I have to laugh when I think of the stereotypical religious revival where the audience gets all worked up as they are filled with the charisma in the air.  The audience is stirred up and highly motivated only to lose that feeling within hours!  They may have felt "motivated," but could not take it to the point of personal application.

The very same applies to your small business.  You can get "pumped up" over an array of inspiring books, speeches, seminars, TV shows and programs that stimulate the senses.  Nevertheless, without meaningful action, and a lot of it, you may soon lose steam and quit.

One Boomer serial Entrepreneur, Rex, who is in sales, says his cell phone minutes must be at least 5400 minutes per month and he makes no less than 135 different contacts per week.  This is a self-imposed criterion that he has set as part of a massive action plan.  He feels that he has tried it time and again and continues to come up with the same number.  For you it may be different.  Nonetheless, if you are convinced that this business you've chosen to pursue is the right choice, you must come out of the gate blazing!

I don't want my advice to be misinterpreted.  The fact is that some in your industry may not take that kind of approach and may even be a little lethargic in comparison.  So what!  Your taking the proverbial "bull by the horns" and massively moving forward will eliminate much of the less-driven competitors from your radar screen.  Don't concern yourself with everyone else.  Simply attack your business with enough gusto to absolutely succeed.  Determine what your "massive action" may be to move your business forward and do it!

Today, massive action can be accomplished in a variety of duplicable ways that require very little time and effort.  Thank goodness.  Social media is a particularly exciting and necessary way of keeping in touch with new and existing clients.  If you have questions on this subject, there are a plethora of qualified Coaches in Social Media out there competing for your business.

Massive action is not to be confused with hard work!  Utilizing the many high-tech tools today is a way of working much smarter without the sweat of long hours in the office on the we used to do.  In a past article I spoke of the value of a Mentor.  This is an area in which mentorship can help, too.  Learning to use the many innovative resources available is the savvy way to run a business.  In the words of NIKE; "Just do it!"

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