Staging Your Raleigh Home to Sell for All It’s Worth - Part 2 of 3

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staging your Raleigh home

Did I say part 2 would be up on Monday?  Man, where did the week go?  Well, here it is...

This is the second installment in a 3 part series on how to stage a home to sell in the Raleigh real estate market for maximum value in the shortest possible time .  Last time I gave you some great tips on how to prepare the outside of your home and explained how important preparation is to effective marketing.  In this article, we move inside your home and go into some detail on how to prepare it to appeal to a many buyers as possible without spending a fortune.

Make it Look Like a Model!

Once we have the outside of your home prepared we are half way there.  After your home has passed the buyer’s preliminary investigation by looking great in the advertising and meeting their discerning tastes when they drove through your neighborhood, the next step is for them to make an appointment to see your home with their real estate agent.  We’ve got them right where we want them now!

Once inside your home the buyer is looking for a reason to disqualify your home from consideration.  I know that sounds a bit unsettling, but it’s true nonetheless.   Nobody ever finds “the perfect home.”  It just doesn’t exist in such a pure form.  The buyer will simply eliminate homes as they look at them, keeping only one or two in mind as possibilities for an offer.

The way to make it to the buyer’s short list is to beat the competition.  The way to beat the competition is to make your home look like a model.  I’m sure you’ve visited the model homes in new communities.  This is the benchmark.  I know this is a little unfair.  After all, the model is brand new, has been professionally decorated and no one lives there.

Don’t worry.  We can do this!  It just takes a little money, less than you probably think.  And maybe a couple of afternoon’s worth of hard work.  


Click here to read more, including a detailed list of exactly what to do to prepare the inside of your home. 

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