Bar Codes tell the story.....

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This is really some great infomration to really KNOW when you are buying AMERICAN and when you are buying from other nations!

I'm a patriot and I think spending a little more to buy American is a GOOD thing to's one of the reasons I've tried to stop my Wal Mart trips.  Remember when Wal-Mart was MADE IN AMERICA, BRINGING THE JOBS TO THE USA?  I think Sam Walton would have a heart attack these days if he saw what has become of his store!

Original content by Dorie Dillard Austin TX

Bar codes tell the story...

There are many of us who would like to purchase goods produced in the good old USA!  It is hard to know because so many items are produced in other countries. If there are no tags then learning to read the bar codes can help!

If the FIRST THREE DIGITS of the bar code are 690, 691 or 692, the product is made in China and the list goes on:

Made in Taiwan --   471
Made in Germany --   40-44
Made in UK --  50
France --  30-37
Japan --  49

To know if the product is made in the USA look for a "0" at the beginning of the bar code:
USA & Canada --   00-09

How simple is that!  So check the bar code when making your purchases and help give our own products a boost in sales!




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