www.lasvegasmtg.com Report: Scam to Defraud Las Vegas Home Buyers

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www.lasvegasmtg.com Report: Scam to Defraud Las Vegas Home Buyers

By John Le Francois

www.lasvegasmtg.com Report: Scam to Defraud Las Vegas Home Buyers with an ominous letter they receive in the mail that looks and reads like a government letter from the recording office. It includes a payment coupon for $87.00 and states if you do not return within the required date (see the calender on the letter) there will be additional charge of $35.00 will be required before processing.

Record Retrieval

What do you get for the $87.00? You get a copy of the recorded Grant Deed that was recorded on your current property you purchased and a property profile

Record Retrieval 4

 At the end of the letter it discloses that Record Retrieval is not affiliated with the county, state or with any government agency and the offer is not being made for an agency of the government. In even smaller print it states you can obtain the Grant Deed from your county recorders where your property is located in for up to $87.00. What they don't state is you can go online and search by name, address or APN and print your own Grant Deed for FREE!


Record Retrieval Footer

Please note that the bottom of the footer states that Record Retrieval operates in accordance to both Business and Profession Code 17533.6 & Civil Code 1716. In reality it does not comply to the letter of the law and I have provided the link to that specific California Business Law and Civil Code. The only reason they include this is to give validity to the solicitation of the letter. The Record Retrieval return mailing adress is located in Reno and is a UPS Store and the original letter shows a bulk presort stamp from Corona, Ca.  Please inform your buyers that there is no reason to pay the $87.00 for this service from Record Retrieval.


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