Reality Matters

Real Estate Agent with Dock Street Realty

     The news is the same - Home, condo, and land sales continue to slide heading for their 2004 pace.  Myrtle Beach is experiencing the same down swing in real estate sales as the rest of the country.  There are now 8,975 condos, 6,344 homes, and thousands of homesites on the market today. Potential buyers are plentiful but when it comes time to make an offer they are reluctant or just plain disappear.

    Now the 'Reality Matters' part.  I sent an update of sales and listings to one of my clients. I noted all of the above plus the fact that she had the highest priced unit in the development.  Consequently, since there were 12 other identical units for sale, she had not had any showings.

     I just got her response.  She would like to change the price of her listing. She requested that I   RAISE THE LISTING PRICE $10,000!!!    I am amazed - what part didn't she get?!?

     Should I just give up the listing or does anyone have any ideas or strategies on how to convince her that she should be lowering her price - not raising it!!!



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