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Custom Home builders in Franklin tn have had some interesting front challenges recently. Some very well established companies have had to close their doors due to financial difficulties, and other are just getting by day to day.

It's important for my clients to understand that I am here to protect them. Having a home built to your specification is a very rewarding project, but if it's not managed correctly, it can become your worst nightmare. To keep everything running smoothly, you need a good team. lighthouse pictures 073

The most important member of your team is the builder. But how can anyone pick the right builder without interviewing every one of them? You can't, that's why you need a realtor who works in Franklin and Willaimson county full time. We know about the builders who are cutting corners because they are in a financial bind. We know about the builders who have inferior sub-contractors. We know about the builders who can't stay on schedule. Do we know everything about everybody? NO we don't. That's why when we recommend several builders to talk to, listen closely, we like satisfied customers.

  • Pick a plan, modify it to meet your needs, then stick to it. Any changes you make after the home has been started will cost you time and money.
  • Before you start, arrange your financing with a reliable mortgage company . It can be a disaster to lose funding half way through the project.
  • Have the builder prepare cost estimates, providing builder costs on materials and labor
  • Ask about quality checks throughout the project, consider hiring a home inspector qualified to inspect framing, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • Schedule meetings with the builder on a regular schedule, weekly works best for me. Don't drive to the site at odd times and call them. Good builders work on multiple homes simultaneously. Don't expect them to drop what they are doing just to bring you up to date.  Expect them to act professionally, treat them that way.
  • Take pictures of the project as it's being built. Later after it's finished, you will have a record of what's under to covers. As a realtor, I do that for my customers, then build a web page for them to share with their family and friends as it's progressing.
  • Make sure the builders keeps  financial spreadsheets throughout the construction process to track estimated and actual costs. Remember that custom homes are usually priced based on cost. Make sure that cost is accurately documented.
  • Make sure your builder has an honest reputation, (your realtor will help with that, but you should also have an honest realtor who understands home construction).custom back

When it's finished , it should be on time, and on budget. It takes planning and cooperation to get it done.

If you plan to build a custom home in Franklin tn or Williamson county call Larry Brewer at 615-512-7853, or e-mail me

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Larry Brewer - Benchmark Realty llc
Benchmark Realty LLc - Nashville, TN

Thanks for the plug. THis is one part of our business that most customers don't understand, and in some cases, real estate agents don't either. It's very difficult to keep up with the reputation of custom builders, because it changes quickly. When a builder starts to become successful, they tend to get more business than they can easily handle. Like other businesses, they hire more people, and in most cases those people are not as experienced and qualified as the workers that built the homes that started the good reputation. As a consequence, I like to find out how many custom homes a builder has under construction at the time. If it's a lot more that they usually have, I would be very concerned about the quality of construction.

It's just part of the business, we are paid for what we do, but our value is in what we know.

May 30, 2013 12:32 AM