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Homes For Sale in Boulder - Ward


Left Hand Canyon

I always like to start a blog with a nice picture.  This is the river in Left Hand Canyon on the way up to Ward.  It is a section that has been impressively dammed by some beavers.  You will see divine images like this all the way up the canyon.  The best part of Ward is that it is just a hop, skip and jump from Homes For Sale in Boulder.  Well, in my case, it was just a quick bike ride up.  This photos from this blog were taken on a training ride I snuck in between morning and afternoon appointments.  It takes me about 1:45 min to ride up from Boulder.  

One of the main reasons people choose to buy a home in Boulder is because of how easy it is to escape city life.  Some people find that being outside of the city all together is even better!  Right now the median price for a home in Ward, CO. is around $318,000.  

Part of the appeal that Ward has to many people, is its unique eclectic mountain mix that resides up there.  You will find people that like a slower pace in life and enjoy the seclusion's that a mountain town offers.  Brainard Lake is also just above the town which I will cover in another blog.  It is an extra 3-4 miles up and was just too cold for me on the bike this day.  Here are a few pictures of Ward!  If you have any questions about Homes For Sale in Boulder or Homes For Sale in Ward, don't hesitate to ask.  Enjoy the pictures!

Road up to Ward


Left Hand Canyon on the way up to Ward.


When you ride, you know this sign very well as you don't have much more to go!  I think the peace sign really says it all regarding the mindset of the people up in this gorgeous canyon.

Ward Store

The general store in Ward.  I was looking forward to my descent back to Boulder....until the weather changed and I froze my butt off!

Ward Art

One of my favorite pictures from Ward.  A little bit of "art" on the side of the road just across from the store.


These really are WORLD FAMOUS COOKIES!  They are know by cyclists all over the world that come to ride.  I was lucky to get the picture as the owner of the store does not like any pictures taken inside.  Why?  Well, that is just how they are up in Ward.  It is a much slower and relaxing way of life.  I had two cookies.  My record is 5!

Park Sign

Ward is in Roosevelt National Forest.  I was so happy to make it to this sign as it got REALLY cold and I had to stop about four times because my hands were frozen!  The weather up here can change very fast so you always want to be prepared with extra as I say, not as I do! haha


I hope you enjoyed this quick blog installment of Homes For Sale in Boulder - Ward.  I will continue to highlight the areas around Boulder when I get out for a ride.  If you are thinking of making a move and would like more information, don't hesitate to ask!

Extra info on the town of Ward: