Lovejoys in Austin: Just Another Hangout?

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We were trolling downtown Austin last week, looking for interesting spots to photograph.

The area around 6th Street and the streets that run north and south near 6th and Red River are a treasure trove of graffiti, rust, crumbling limestone, ratty tatty store fronts and rocking bars hiding behind non-descript doors.

The college crowd knows where to go, so lots of ads to draw them in isn't necessarily necessary.

When we stopped in front of Lovejoys on Neches, they appeared to be setting up for the night.

Alison grabbed one, just one good photo, before attracting the attention of a entertaining character - drunk and wobbling, passing out flyers of his poetry, asking to be photographed, and to have his materials passed out as went went along.

That means we didn't get to explore further, but we stilll wanted to share the photos of the front of this Austin hangout.

The rusty sign, the battered doors, the patina are all classic Austin, classic college town, classic downtown haunt.

Did you got to UT? Did you hang out here? Do you dare share your tales?

lovejoys in Austin texas

604 Neches Street
Austin, TX 78701
(512) 477-1268

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Li Read
Sea to Sky Premier Properties (Salt Spring) - Salt Spring Island, BC
Caring expertise...knowledge for you!

Nice!    I like this "ambling around town" idea, and shooting great vignettes....

May 03, 2011 07:28 AM
Allen 2222
Austin, TX

Admittedly - the rust and patina on this building was just too good to pass up.

May 03, 2011 07:52 AM