A Helpful Service Called About.Me

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A Helpful Service Called About.Me


Do you feel compelled to add line after line in your signature to convey everything you feel people need to know about you and your business? Well, now you can simplify that signature with this handy tool that Mimi Foster blogged about today.

In addition to her post that describes "About.Me" Mimi's responses comments on this post also answer questions some of her commenters had, so it's very worthwhile to go to Mimi's page and read those.


Original content by Mimi Foster

That's a topic that a lot of people (especially Realtors) like to talk about . . . About.Me.  But I would like to ask you to check your ego at the door for just a minute and let me tell you about Mimi Fostera great service . . . About.Me.  There was a time when I sent out my emails or anything that needed my signature on it with an awful lot of information crammed at the bottom.  It cluttered up the page, but you couldn't NOT include your contact information, right?  Along comes About.Me.  You create your profile and add all of your contact info and make it pretty (or ugly, as the case may be), and then your signature line is just a few short words.  If someone wants to know more about you, or how to get a hold of you, they click on the link and they find out more than they will ever want to know your pertinent information.  And the even neater thing is . . . there are analytics involved, so you can see how many people are checking you out.  This is my signature line.  It tells the story - simply . . .  http://About.Me/MimiFoster

If you do this and design your "signature," please post or send me a copy of it.  I would love to see the different ideas . . .


About.Me was written by Mimi Foster

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