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Huntington Beach Real EstateLast week I talked about Orange County as a whole and how 40% of the OC saw an increase in home sale prices in the first quarter, while over half the OC saw a decline in overall sales.  The OC is really a microcosm of what's going on in the whole country.  When you watch the national news or read it online, keep in mind that national averages don't necessarily reflect what's going on in our own back yard.

However, the diversity of what's going on nationally is reflected in the differences in the numbers from zip code to zip code here in Orange County.  Here in Huntington Beach, it's been a good first quarter of 2011.  Heck, a 107-year-old bungalow older than the city itself sold just a few days ago!

Overall, Marilyn Kalfus of the Orange County Register reports that Huntington Beach has 23% more home sales in the first quarter compared to last year.  All four Huntington Beach zip codes showed a sales increase.  The median price, however, showed an overall slight decrease and all 4 Huntington Beach zip codes showed decreases individually.

Simply put, if you're a homeowner thinking about selling, be encouraged that there is more home sale activity here in Huntington Beach but be aware that prices aren't jumping up.  And they won't.  Price increases are going to happen slowly with some dips along the way.  This has been a good first quarter for Huntington Beach and here's hoping this quarter will be better for all of you:)

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Thank you for the article, beach towns always tend to be a bit different. 

May 04, 2011 07:30 AM