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What is the maximum seller contribution on the purchase of a home?

In today's market, it is very common for a seller to pay some, if not all, of the buyer's closing costs.  Well, how much can the seller actually contribute?  Of course, that depends on the type of loan, and a few other factors too.  It's important that the seller contribution is not too much or too little, so here are a few guidelines to consider:

Maximum Seller Contribution:

 Maximum Seller Contribution

There are three main types of loan programs, FHA, VA, and Conventional.

On an FHA loan, the seller can pay up to 6% of the sales price towards closing costs (not of the loan amount, but 6% of the sales price).  This can be applied towards closing costs and prepaids (taxes & insurance), but should stated as such in the sales contract "closing costs and prepaids at buyer's discretion."

On a VA loan, the seller can pay all closing costs, all prepaids, AND 4% of the sales price towards either points (to lower the interest rate), or to pay off buyer's debts.  Many buyers and real estate agents are not aware of the 4% addition, so on a $200,000 sales price, the seller can pay all closing costs & prepaids, and an extra $8,000 to pay off buyers debts (which may in turn help them qualify for that home).

On a Conventional loan, it just depends on the down payment.  With 5% down (on a primary residence), it's 3% of the sales price, and 10% down it's 6% of the sales price (and with 25% down, it would be 9% of the sales price, which is a very rare occurrence).  On all investment properties though, regardless of down payment, maximum seller contribution is limited to 2% of the sales price.

To summarize maximum seller contribution, FHA is 6%, VA is all (plus 4% towards points and debts), and Conventional is 3% with less than 10% down, and 6% with 10-25% down.

Maximum Seller Contribution

Maximum Seller Contribution - Randy DeMille with Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group.

-Randy DeMille with Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group
-May 2011

 Randy DeMille

Please note that the mortgage industry guidelines change at any given moment, and that the information in this article is subject to change.

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Drick Ward Property Management / Broker Assoc
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Great info Randy, thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience.  You are indeed a trusted source in our market.

May 05, 2011 01:33 AM
Randy DeMille
Atlantic Bay Mortgage Group - Virginia Beach, VA

Also, if you have a rural-designated property, you should look at a USDA loan, which allows for 100% financing and does not have mortgage insurance.  The maximum contribution on a USDA loan is 6% of the sales price (regardless of down payment).

May 05, 2011 04:03 AM