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Welcome to Kensington, California

I’ve got some listings coming up in my home town of Kensington.  

I love having listings here, because I know this little hamlet so well and can speak to the joy of living in Kensington with utmost veracity.  I remember how excited we were to move here some 20 years ago.  We felt like we had stepped back in time.  

Both my wife and I had been raised over the hill; she in Walnut Creek and I in Orinda.  We both remember walking to school and to the local market for ice cream, going in and out of our neighbor’s houses, and generally feeling safe on the streets. That’s what it’s like in Kensington.

When our kids were small, we felt very comfortable letting them have the kind of childhood we did.  They went for ice cream at Young's Market, they played at the community park at the end of the block with a blast of a conch shell alerting them when they needed to come back home.  On school days they walked to the Hilltop School with their friends for company, and they knew all the neighbors.  When they got older, they'd take the bus to Berkeley to watch a movie or grab some fast food. 

Life is good here.

Few people even know about Kensington, even folks who live in the East Bay.  It’s got all the small town charm you could wish for, and smack in the middle of it is the Arlington, the artery from the heart of Kensington to wherever you want to go, complete with bus stops every few blocks.

I love the idea of Walk Score homes, and even if Kensington doesn’t show up as a high walk score area, it's got markets, shops and restaurants around Colusa Circle and  Arlington Avenue, a fabulous neighborhood school, local parks, playgrounds, and public library, and the Tilden Park Recreation area just over the hill.  All in all, Kensington is one of the most convenient communities around.

And then there’s that wonderful feeling of being home at last!

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