My #1 Advice for Home Buyers!

Real Estate Agent with RE/MAX Associates

Thinking of Buying... Here's the First Step...

My #1 counsel is to interview and hire a REALTOR to represent you and walk with you throughout the entire real estate transaction. You may think this is self serving advice, coming from a REALTOR, but it's not. Whether you hire me or someone else, I absolutely believe that it is in your best interest to hire a full service, professional agent - someone who is legally and ethically required to look out for your best interest.

For a lot of reasons, buying and selling real estate in California has become a very involved, and, often, complicated endeavor. Required disclosures, timetables, inspections, financing, escrow, title, etc....all can be overwhelming. I absolutely believe that hiring a good agent will save most buyers time, money, and headache.

Here's What I suggest:

  1. Interview several agents. Make sure that they are knowledgeable and available to you. Also, make sure you feel comfortable with them personally and professionally.
  2. After you've interviewed several agents and found one you can work with, commit to working with that one agent. Communicate your needs, wants, and expectations...let that agent go to work for you.

If You Hire me and The Dan Christensen Real Estate Team...

  • You won't pay me! I will agree to accept whatever the seller agrees to pay the cooperating broker. What a deal!
  • I will give you lender recommendations and help you with the pre-approval and loan process.
  • At the same time I will gather information regarding your wants and needs as they pertain to home features, neighborhoods, schools and your other buying considerations.
  • I will be available to show you homes and stay with it until we find the right home in your price range, no matter how long or how many properties I have to show you.
  • I will educate you to the market. Understanding the market is essential to getting the home you want.
  • I will negotiate the best Purchase Agreement in order to get the home you want. There are many negotiating points throughout the contract - price is just one of those points. I will help you consider many other issues to help you get what you want.
  • I will be present for ALL inspections. I'll go over all documentation including disclosures, escrow papers, and Title.
  • I will walk with you through the entire process...My promise is to serve you above and beyond your expectations.
  • I will listen to you - you're the boss! I'll communicate and walk with you throughout the entire process.
  • I will give you my VIP 5/10 Buyer Guarantee!!!!  I guarantee to save you 5% off the listed price of any home, or I will give you 10% of my commission!  If you don't save a ton of money, then I pay you.
  • Plus, with a team, you get uncompromised and unmatched service throughout the entire transaction.  The Dan Christensen Real Estate Team will ensure that you are happy and thoroughly satisfied.

Call or email anytime to learn more about my VIP 5/10 Buyer Guarantee.

Or, if you are thinking of selling, I Guarantee to sell your home in 45 days, or I will pay your mortgage!

If you are not in the wonderful San Diego area, give me a call anyway.  RE/MAX is the largest Real Estate company in the world.  I can give you a great referral so that you can be sure to work with a competent agent that will service you the way that you deserve.  So, no matter where you are, call and I can help.  Happy Home Buying!

Dan Christensen

1 800-969-6386

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