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So for the first time in my recent life (past 10 years or so), I slipped into negativity.  I'll admit it.  Between everyone feeling bad for me because I own a brokerage and the media constantly telling us how bad our business is, it affected me.  How did it affect my business.  We had the worst first quarter since I've opened the doors in 2005.  However, I decided to try something to see what I could do to turn things around.  I decided in March to stay out of the way of the office and play more golf.  I played and 3 times a week, brought my handicap down from 13.5 to 12.7, and only went to the office a couple times a week.  A funny thing happened, we wrote 44 contracts (18 Agents) for $8.7 million...a record for our office!

On April 1st, I started back to the office daily again and our sales plummeted.  In mid April, I changed my attitude.  I'm a huge believer in you get what you give.  If you give negativity, you will receive it right back at you.  If you give positive thoughts and attitudes, good things start to happen.  I bottomed out the second Sunday of April and I knew I had to make some changes quick.  I knew, based on my not going to the office and then going back to the office that the problem with my company was myself.  It had nothing to do with the agents.  I was putting off negative thoughts.  I was bashing my Agents to my admin and LCA staff.  I was not in a very good mood.  No matter how I tried to get out of it, it just got worse.  Once I decided to make the change, things got better immediately.

How did I make the change?  I started looking at all the great things in my life.  I have a great wife, awesome kids, even awesomer (not a word) grandkids and have lived a pretty great life so far.  I'm truly blessed.  Once I looked at the great things and realized that my life was pretty darn good, I created a contingency plan on what to do if I have to change my office situation.  Once done, the stress was gone.  My attitude adjustment worked great and we are back on track doing well again. My software company, 100mph marketing started growing again and my membership training company, The Real Estate Success Network started growing again too.  The only thing I changed was my outlook.  I went from being negative to being positive...not being positive, but feeling positive.

There are so many aspects of our business that can get you down.  Look at the positive side and good things start to happen.  It's all about attitude!

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Gloria Commiso
Keller Williams - Hermosa Beach, CA
Hermosa Beach

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May 07, 2011 08:27 AM
Lee & Pamela St. Peter
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Excellent advice Mitch, and I too am in need of an attitude adjustment these days.  Reading your post was like hearing myself...  Sometimes it's just good to hear someone else say what we know is so true.  I'm off to start a new day ~ and with a better attitude!

Jun 02, 2011 11:50 PM