Mother's Day Come & Gone.

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In the aftermath of a very quiet Mother's Day, I sit and think about expectations. The ones that we believe should occur - cards, flowers, breakfast in bed. And the ones we hope will happen - children traveling home for the weekend, grand children Skyping with stories about what they're up to and showing off new dresses and soccer shoes. And even phone calls or new pictures of those same grand kids posted on Facebook.

But in our house Mother's Day is mostly celebrated by me (the Mom/Grandmama and my hubby (also the Gramps). He does his best to fill in the blanks where he can - joking that "... all those cards and gifts will be filling up the mailbox any day now." And he never fails to buy funny cards (from him and our doggie daughter, Annie) and the latest treasure from Alexander McCall Smith. And we have a lovely day lounging around doing whatever we feel like.

And finally last night when I was feeling a little sleepy at about 9:00 my computer made that funny Skypie-ringing sound. I knew it was my three grand children who live on the west coast. They were giggling and saying (sort of together) "Happy Mother's Day Grandmama!" And that made my entire day. So today when anyone asks how was my Mother's day... my answer has been, "Great!" My expectations had been more than fulfilled.


Connie Dittrich, Realtor

Carolina One Real Estate


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