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Facebook considers "Questions" as a standard app. Just like photos. You can NOT remove it from your profile. Nor is there any privacy settings for Questions. Essentially; friend or not, anyone searching for or viewing your profile can read your answers to ALL questions you have participated in.

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See this image of the information available when searching for my name by a non-friend. Note - below my profile picture "Info" (which I chose to make available) and "Questions" - which I have no control over.

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So - Who can see the Questions section of my profile?

Facebook's answer: "In order to get answers from people that know the most about the topic, questions and answers can be viewed by everyone and may be surfaced to people who can best answer the question".

To delete a question you've asked:
Go to the question and click the "Delete" button — it’s located on the lower right of the box.

And how do you delete a post within Facebook Questions?
To delete a post you provided as an answer within Facebook Questions, go to the question box and find your post within the "Posts" section. Then, click the X to the upper right of your post to remove it. To remove your vote from a poll, simply uncheck the check box beside the option you voted for.

FYI - Facebook Questions can not be answered anonymously and they are not indexed by Google (at this time)

Good news for page owners though - you CAN remove Questions from your page.

Pages that have asked or answered a Facebook Question contain this section. If you’re a Page admin, you have the option to either remove this section from your Page, or hide it behind the "More" link.

Answers to Facebook Questions via Facebook Help Center:

  • You need to ANSWER A QUESTION in order to activate "questions" on your profile
  • If you are a page admin, you may have to log out and then back in to activate it
  • You can share questions with specific friends
  • You will get a notification if your are invited to participate in a question
  • You can deselect the box that allows users to add more options (to your question)
  • View results of your question on its own separate page by clicking the question
  • You can see if your friends have responded to questions by the photos next to the answers
  • there is now a TAB in your left hand navigation to show questions your friends are asking

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