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5 Things to Think About When Looking for Your Dream Home in San Mateo County

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While on the hunt for a perfect home, it can be immensely helpful to create a wish list of sorts. This can help you and your real estate agent obtain a clear picture of what type of home would best suit you.

Some things to consider:

1. Move-in ready or fixer-upper?

Making a home "your own" can make fixer-uppers an attractive option, along with the lower cost. Making a mark on your new home via renovations. Take some time to think about what homeownership means to you, and whether you are interested in renovation.

2. Upgrades

Certain upgrades in a home, such as marble or granite counters, are often coveted by buyers. Consider what type of upgrades are important to you - energy-efficiency, professional grade appliances, luxury tiling? Make a list and show your Realtor.

3. The Yard

What type of backyard are you looking for, and how important is it to you? Think about low versus high maintenance yards, the amount of space you'd like, and what kind of yard would best suit your lifestyle.

4. Swimming Pools

For some homebuyers, having a swimming pool can be a dealbreaker. If this is something that you really desire in your dream home, make that clear to your real estate agent so that they can narrow the search for you.

5. Schools in the Area

Last but certainly not least, the quality of the schools in the area of a dream home should be an important thing to research. Ask your Realtor for information about schools in the area of your search, and comparisons between them. This information is easily obtained, and real estate agents will be more than happy to show you school scores and more. Also consider private schools, if that is an option for your family.