Clean Mold and Mildew From the House When Selling

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We Buy Houses in Any Condition - Washington DC: The competition out there is fierce for sellers no matter how nice your house may be. Even with the price at the right level for the type house you are selling, other details seem to make a difference with buyers. If they can buy a house free of problems down the street, why would they purchase your house with suspected mold issues?

Clean Mold and Mildew From the House When SellingThe recommended course of action is to clean any mold or mildewed area off so the problem is eliminated. Sometimes we live with issues that we become accustomed to and don’t worry about them. When you want to try and sell the house, though, those things become very important. You must do your best to make the house appear to have as few problems as possible.

Cleaning off mold from painted and wood surfaces is not difficult, but it will require some elbow grease and solution to accomplish your goal. Using a plastic bucket, mix mild dish soap, preferably pH neutral, with ½ cup of borax in one gallon of water. The dish liquid provides soapy suds, while the borax boosts the cleaning power and removes the surface fungus. If you are concerned with scratching what you are cleaning, mix the borax in warmer water and mix well. Unmixed borax is somewhat abrasive if left in grain form.

Using a scrub brush, scrub the area well until the mold or mildew appear to be gone. Rinse the brush often as you use it. Borax is anti-fungal and if left to remain on the surface will inhibit further growth wherever you have applied it. You can rinse the area well without the borax disappearing. It will still be effective even if the area is well rinsed.

If you have washed a wooden area, you can use a hair dryer to help dry it faster. If you wish, you can repaint the area with a paint that is specially formulated to inhibit mold growth. Some objects will need to be discarded if the mold has grown deep into the fabric or wood. When cleaning mold and mildew, remember to rinse everything thoroughly when you are finished. The bucket and brush should be disinfected to stop the growth of the mold. This will also assure that you will not be spreading more mold spores in subsequent objects you clean with the brush and bucket used to clean the mold.


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