What Makes YOU Happy and How do You Know?

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I have been gleefully gushing how happy I am with my new house to my husband, Bub. He replied the other day when I said, "I am Soooo Happy." .."How do you know?" That got me thinking.

  • Is happiness about the external?
  • About the right circumstances?
  • About wanting, getting & having things?

All of these are nice, but what happens when things don't quite line up?

Can you still be happy?

My granddaughter, Lily, and I talk about this fairly frequently when she just has to have something. Through the eyes of a 9 year old, having the right things and having them right now is often quite important. This kind of happiness is usually fleeting, though. It doesn't last much past the acquisition and then there is the NEXT thing that is needed to maintain the joy. And, of course, I have found through experience with the clients in my coaching practice that this isn't just a being 9 years old phenomenon. The danger, of course, is about allowing your joy be stolen if the circumstances don't quite line up.

So, what makes you happy and how do you know?

Here's what I am thinking:

  • Being happy is a choice at any time-I will choose to see the things in my life that are good and appreciate them and sometimes choose to be happy for no reason whatsoever!
  • It feels better to have joy than unhappiness- I will not get sucked into drama that results in unhappy feelings.
  • It is internal rather than external-while I choose to have goals and dreams that, when fulfilled, feel good, I will also appreciate the benefit of the getting there in growth and the rewards. My own measure of success is more important than an external acknowledgment.
  • Sometimes greater happiness comes from NOT getting what I want. Ah, that wiley universe has it's own plans for the timing and fruition of my dreams, it seems. Often by not getting it when and how I think I want it, better outcomes can unfold. This is probably the hardest for this impatient, recovering tpe "A"!
  • I get more in touch with good feelings the more I share them-I will allow myself to be the Pollyana, even if it annoys some!

So, how about you? What makes you happy and how do you know?


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Gina Nugent
Donohue RE - Palm Beach, FL
Real Estate Agent - Palm Beach, FL

Your post made me happy because it is so true...happiness is a decision (well, most of the time)

May 10, 2011 02:16 PM
Margaret Rome Baltimore 410-530-2400
HomeRome Realty 410-530-2400 - Pikesville, MD
Sell Your Home With Margaret Rome

Hi Joeann, Reading about your happiness makes me smile. You have always had such a positive affect on all those around you. Wishing you much more wonderful happiness in your new home !


May 10, 2011 02:49 PM
Andrea Swiedler
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties - New Milford, CT
Realtor, Southern Litchfield County CT

Joeann, what makes me happy is very internal. We make the choice. I didn't always know that though.

Great thoughts this morning!

May 11, 2011 12:33 AM