Buyers really just know . . .

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When they've found "THEIR" home, that is.

You can take a buyer (or buyers) from house to house to every single house on the market, but when they find that one home, they just light up like a Christmas Tree (or the 4th of July, whichever you prefer).  No matter how you, the Realtor, feel about that home, they are the ones who will live there and ultimately, they just feel it. 

I figure many of you here on AR have made the same observation throughout your careers, as well, but it's never rang so true for me as with the last 3 homes that I've contracted and sold.  Those buyers fit those homes perfectly and there would have been nothing else that would have made them happy.  It is just hard to explain the feeling I got seeing how overjoyed they were when the house became theirs.

Our job really isn't all about the money at all.  If I've made someone happy, then I've made a lifelong contact and friend/acquantance who will (hopefully) continue to put in a good word and refer me to friends and family through the years.

Thank y'all for listening!!


Renae :)

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