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Maui Vacation Rental - Best Buy!

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Maui Real Estate For Sale

Large 2 bed 2 bth 1,066 sf for just $315k

Great Kihei Vacation Rental

Across the street from the beach

NEW ON MARKET!!! May 6, 2011$315,000 Vacation Rental, 2bd 2bth 1,066 sq ft.

Condos this size are rare in Kihei. Even rarer is the price for a unit this size. This is a beautifully remodeled unit with a loft and large lanai. The location is just a few minutes away from shopping and a variety of restaurants.

Imagine being able to spend as much time as you like here on Maui...a couple of weeks, a couple of months. What about a place to share with your relatives and friends, wouldn't they enjoy being here? You can enjoy hanging out with o'hana, strolls on the beach, whale watching, or taking in the greatest show in the world...Maui's sunsets.

You need more information so please don't hesitate to contact me, I'll more than happy to answer questions and guide you if you chose to promote your new vacation rental.
Contact me in a manner that is comfortable for you:

  • Call 808-633-1292
  • Email me at: MauisBestBuy@gmail.com - I will not inundate you with emails...only the info you request.



Yolanda Cordova-Gilbert
Richmond, TX


              That seems like a great price for a rental! I just love Maui; I wish I had the extra cash but with having to pay college bills yikes! Good luck!

May 12, 2011 11:42 AM
Jeff Graves
Altos Research - Sunnyvale, CA
More than just beautiful market trend reports

Yolanda...college bills...I'll soon know what that is like. 

Maui real estate...
believe it or not...we have some great deals!  There is a bank owned leasehold unit for less than $80,000. It's beachfront too. Problem?  It doesn't have an oceanview.  This would cash flow with no problem though.



May 12, 2011 11:54 AM