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The Hidden Costs of Too Much Square Footage | Austin TX MLS | Agent Aaron @ 512-845-4204

Ask Agent Aaron logo | 512-845-4204Sometimes when looking at houses, human nature takes over. No matter now much discussion that took place; no matter how much preplanning was discussed, no matter how one person promised the other that they would not let emotion take over, it happens.

I think most of the time it is spurred on when visiting new construction homes. In and around Austin TX there are many wonderful communities sprouting up all over, including a lot of them with lush landscaping and expensive neighborhood signage designed to make a potential buyer become a new homeowner.

Yes, emotion is a tricky mistress, indeed!

And, of course, the home-buying process is already fraught with emotion for most people. And a lot of times, one person is more emotional than the other, so that creates even more emotion and conflict. But let's face it, when you see something cool and big and shiny, human nature may be able to convince you to buy something bigger and better than you really need.

But there are hidden costs to owning too much home:

  • Upgrades (especially flooring options) are more costly.
  • There is a lot more house to clean.
  • Taxes are going to be higher.
  • Remodeling will be much more expensive.
  • Insurance will be higher.
  • Utilities (especially cooling costs) will skyrocket.

So, if you see some wonderful home that is more than you really need, take a step back and cool off. It will be easier to make a sound decision then. And Call Agent Aaron at 512-845-4204 if you have any questions about new construction homes in or around Austin TX.

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Joni Bailey
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I have been there and done that. As soon as the kids moved out, I was ready to downsize. I'm not trying to impress anyone. Who wants to CLEAN that big of a house when I can be hanging out on the lake! Smaller is better for me! :O)

May 12, 2011 05:08 PM