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Sometimes you just need to keep on keepin’ on. I have found many Realtors stop doing what made them successful in the first place. I heard one of our trainers once explain it this way “well I tried that and it worked so I stopped”. Take basic Real Estate for example...prospecting. If under all is land then behind all successful Realtors is prospecting. This notion that once my business gets up and running all I need to do is service my referrals works for the minority, not the majority.


The Real Estate industry is ever-changing and technology is in large part responsible. Try thinking of your Real Estate career like a piece of artists clay, you can shape it to whatever you want based on your personality and desire. I believe it is important to experience every aspect of our industry and pick the one that best suits you and your personality. It seems like everywhere I turn today I hear agents talk about getting back to basics. Well, the basics are good, but just like a good soup, keep adding the ingredients until it is perfect. You don’t need to be an expert in technology, there are specialists out there can do it for you and you can simply drop their system into your business. Leverage and systems are key.


How many seminars, trainings, motivational speeches and uplifting meetings have we all been to telling us how we need to behave and act? I can’t even begin to think back of all the times I have sat in a room and had someone tell me how I needed to be. I know how I need to be! The positive affirmations and reminders are great, don’t get me wrong, but drop a system in front of me that helps me be more productive and that’s good value. Attitude, desire, ability, leverage and action are the secrets to successful people. I am a big believer in systems and keep a keen eye out on what works; validation and testimonials from others using good tools and systems are key for me. I love finding something great I can share with our agents and franchisees that can make them more productive and make them money.


The  bottom line is this, if our business is based on prospectingthen make that part of every day, never stop prospecting. A well-rounded Real Estate career includes several sources of business, never rely on just one. Build a nice listing inventory so people have a reason to call you, prospect daily to find new business and keep sharp in your skills. Consider reading the latest Real Estate news every morning so you can be in touch with new tools, systems and opportunities in your market and abroad. You will feel more productive if you get into a routine and allow good systems to support your business. My advice? Get up, get out of bed, dress like a professional and go talk to people! Just do it!


Ralph Gorgoglione
Metro Life Homes - Palm Springs, CA
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Well said Craig! This is a great post. Thank you for sharing this post.

May 13, 2011 04:27 AM
Alan Kirkpatrick
Austin Texas Homes - Round Rock, TX
Alan in Austin


Great observation. In the end it comes down to hard work. Thanks for your post. Have a great weekend.

May 13, 2011 04:28 AM
Matthew Johnson
Keller Williams Premier Realty - Woodbury, MN

You get all fired up at the presentation, go back and set several appointments and by the following Monday forget what got you there!

May 13, 2011 05:10 AM
Frank D'Angelo
EXIT REALTY NEXUS Minneapolis & St. Paul MN - Coon Rapids, MN
Helping people is my business in Real Estate

Well put Craig.  I too love a great blueprinted system supported with the tool and technology that backs up the day to day prospecting and lead generating activities.

See you in TN at convention

May 13, 2011 11:30 AM