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ValueAppeal the experts in Property Tax Assessment Appeals, are partnering with real estate professionals and providing tools at no cost, believe it or not, to quickly and effectively assist your client in reducing their property tax assessments. A free Property Tax Assessment evaluation widget is available for you to display on your web site or blog that will allow your clients and website visitors, to check instantly whether they are over assessed or not.

Sense the down turn in the real estate market we are finding that approximately 1 in 4 home are over assessed and paying more than their fair share of taxes. If a homeowner is over assessed the Property Tax Assessment Evaluation widget will display how much they could potentially save by filling an appeal. ValueAppeal has done all the work for you by compiling all the county sold property records, and contacted the county assessors to insure that the information produced, meet the strict guidelines and time frames required in a property tax assessment appeal.

ValueAppeal provides an online click-&-print property tax appeal service, which makes the process incredibly simple. If you choose, there is great opportunity to provide additional consulting and/or representational services for your clients throughout the property tax assessment appeal process strengthening your client relationship and creating referrals.

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