Selling your house in Forest Lake, MN – 8 Things To Think About

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Anyone who’s considering selling their Forest Lake, MN home has likely thought through the basic essentials – time to clean the place up, spruce up the paint job, depersonalize the rooms for showings, complete all major repairs.

But some of the things that lower the value of your home might surprise you. A recent article lists 8 factors that devalue your home.

Some fall into the category of the obvious – everyone show be aware that #1 is Location. Few people want to buy a home a block from an airport or right next to railroad tracks.

Others, however, are less obvious and bear repeating. I especially resonated with #3 – “Overly Creative Customization”. The bright orange paint job that makes your living room unique to you might easily turn off a potential buyer. Make your house look as neutral as possible – buyers need to picture themselves living there with their unique style…not yours.

Got pets? Get rid of ‘em, at least when doing your showings. As much as possible, remove every trace of animals from your home – clean those carpets, fix or remove anything with obvious scratches, and be sure the air in your home is fresh and pet-scent-free.

Your agent will have much more personalized suggestions for improving your Forest Lake home’s appeal to buyers, but it never hurts to think through some of the broad strokes!

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