Second Homeowners — 4 Tips on Hiring a Landscaper

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Being a second homeowner is great, but the truth is it can be challenging getting home projects done when you don't live in Santa Fe. So what can you do when you want an important landscaping project done right before you arrive for your summer holiday?  

Hire a home tender like Home Sweet Home Tending, LLC to serve as a project manager to be your "eyes and ears on the ground". We can do the due diligence of gathering estimates and contacting just the right firm for your job. This is SO very important because you want the job done right and you whenever people work at your home you want someone you can trust.

Here are 5 tips to follow when hiring a landscaper:

1. Define your needs. Take time to think about what you want done in your yard. Is the job a complete overhaul, an installation, or do you want someone to tweak a plan you already have in existence? The more specific you are the better chances you'll be able to identify the type of landscaper best suited to your needs.

2. Be specific during the interview process. Make a list of all the important items you need to cover such as price, availability, timing of being able to complete the job, and cancellation policy. Ask for 3-4 client references for you to follow up on. Find out what guarantee, if any, they provide if you are not satisfied with the service.

3. Ask about insurance. Make sure that whatever firm you hire is covered by insurance. This is a protection for you in case someone where to get hurt while on your property.

4. Get a written contract. The best way to avoid misunderstandings and potential problems in the future is to make sure that all the specifics are down in writing in a contract.

If you would like assistance in the Santa Fe, NM area on finding the right landscaper to fit your job, we'd be happy to help. Home Sweet Home Tending, LLC can also serve as project managers while the job is happening making sure that things and getting done per your directions both on time and on budget.

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Margo Currie
Exit 1 Stop Realty - Saint Augustine Beach, FL

What a good idea. I wonder if we have professional home tenders here.

May 13, 2011 11:56 AM
Karen Hodges


Thanks!  We're working on getting our services known here in Santa Fe, NM.  We are insured and have a stable of top-notch professionals that we can tap into for our homeowners.

May 13, 2011 12:04 PM
James Loftis - West Palm Beach, FL

Hello Karen,

 Good information to know, thanks for sharing. Nice photo also.

May 13, 2011 12:35 PM