Realtors do more that just sell houses

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Having attended the NAR mid year meetings in Washington DC this week, I thought it was important to share that Realtors do much more than assist in the buying and selling of real estate.

I belong to three orgainzations 1-Greater Chattanooga Association of Realtors,2- Tennessee Assocation of Realtors and 3- National Association of Realtors, all three of which are involved in lobbying our elected officials in relation to personal property rights and issues that afftect the housing market.  For example, we visited Capital Hill this week to talk about preserving the Mortgage Interest Tax deduction for home owners as well as maintaining existing limits on loans so that there are more available mortgages and to protect the FHA program's current downpayment % at 3.5%.

  Why is something like this important to you??  Well if some in congress had their way, it would be a minimum 20% downpayment to purchase a home.  For the average American Family that takes 14 years to save up....can you imagine having to wait 14 years before you could buy your first home or what would your tax return look like if you suddenly lost the mortgage interest tax deduction you are currently claiming?

So the next time you hear about a realtor convention, changes are, we are not just taking a nice trip which we can write off, infact we are spending our dime to travel and stand you for YOU-the home owner, because home ownership matters in this country!


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