It Takes A Village To Make A Great Place To Live

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Once again The Village of Riverwoods Celebrated it's Clean Up Day.  All the neighbors in our area (there are 18 homes here all on at least 2 acres) gathered in our kitchen at 8:30 A.M. for coffee, bagels, and coffee cake.  Then we all put on our vests and began to pick up the plastic bottles and trash that had been tossed onto our streets.  The biggest collection of trash was of course along Deerfield Road, a major road through town.  Last year I remember finding an empty whiskey bottle which made me wonder what people are doing while driving.  This year we collected nine huge trash bags full of trash from Deerfield Road alone. 

In the course of inviting our neighbors I learned an interesting thing about life in the Soviet Union.  One of our neighbors came from there.  When I invited him to join us in the clean up he said he played tennis on Saturday morning. "You mean you would rather play tennis than pick up trash" I quipped. " Well", he said "growing up in the Soviet Union ever since I was a little boy you were expected to work 6 days a year all day in a factory for nothing and the money was supposed to go to the community, but you really didn't know where the money went.  Now that I am here in this country where you are free to do what you want I try never to do community service."  It proved to me that when you force people to do something they resent it whereas when they do it willingly they enjoy being part of a community.

After cleaning up our area we all drove to the Village Hall where there was a community plant sale and barbecue.  Living in Riverwoods is great fun.  Come see some of the beautiful and unique homes we have for sale.  Believe it or not we actually sold 2 of them last month.




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