Top 10 frequently asked questions when moving to Fairfax VA

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People moving in and out of the Washington D.C. area remind me of a revolving door. Government, military, and private-sector personnel from all around America (and the world) are constantly on the move due to new and exciting jobs.

With military and government personnel plus a fair bit of private-sector employees always on the move, we've had plenty of opportunities for answering their relocation questions.

Lots of people move in and out of the DC areaBelow are 3 of the Top 10 frequently asked questions for Moving to Fairfax, VA:

a) How good are Fairfax County Schools?

Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) are ranked by Newsweek in the top 6% of all the High Schools in America. And, from that top 6%, Newsweek's 2009 report ranked the median of all Fairfax high schools in the top 12%.

b) Where to find additional information about Fairfax County Schools?

There is a booklet called the 2011 Handbook "Building the Future... Child by Child" available on the official Fairfax County Public Schools website
This handbook includes information about:

• Registering your child for school
• Before- and after-school care
• Special programs

In addition to asking about the quality of the Fairfax County Schools, one of the top questions that people ask about moving to Fairfax VA is about home prices:

c) What is the average home price in Fairfax County VA?

The average home price in Fairfax County VA varies significantly by area but, in general, the average sold price is about $400,000. 

Kinds of homes in Fairfax County VA
Throughout Fairfax Virginia, you’ll primarily find three kinds of homes:
  • Condos (apartment style) 
    The average sold price for condos is of about $225k

  • Townhomes (attached single family homes)
    The average sold price for townhomes is $350k

  • “Single family homes” (detached homes)
    The average sold price for detached homes varies between $420k and $635k
Of course, you can find more affordable homes - these are just averages. In general, some areas in Fairfax County VA which are further east (and closer to DC) are more expensive to live in, as well as areas which are near the Metro lines or near the main office centers. 

These are only 3 of the "Top 10 FAQs for Moving to Fairfax, VA". The entire list (with links to more resources) is available for download on our Fairfax Home by School Facebook Page

See you on the other side!  :)
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Very informative post on Fairfax.  The baby is so beautiful!!!!

May 14, 2011 05:44 PM
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Marina,  Very good information for Fairfax.  Well done.  I'm sure it will provide many people with answers to some questions they might have.

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