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Thousands upon thousands...well actually millions of homeowners are not able to pay their mortgage because of their employment situation, medical bills or because they bought a home they couldn't afford. Those homeowners fall behind on their mortgages, end up in default...many reach out for help from their bank/lender, and some are given the relief they desperately need to keep their home.




But....what about the homeowners who pay ontime, who fulfill their obligation of the contract they signed....especially those who are "underwater"?

What type of help do they receive?



The lack of support from their bank/lender has added to the frustration among "On-Time Underwater" Homeowners.

Why do the banks/lenders and Government Programs basically ignore those who are doing the right thing?.... They believe this group of homeowners will continue to pay ontime because of the moral obligation.


Homeowners are now considering a "Strategic Default" in part due to their anger at how their bank/lender has treated them.


Fannie Mae recently published their latest "National Housing Survey" where they exposed the building resentment among homeowners. Maybe most alarming is that 46% of homeowners are "stressed out" about their underwater mortgage.

It is estimated that about 25% of all homes with a mortgage are underwater...that equals just over 11 million homeowners.

46% of them wake up every morning wondering why they continue to pay.

What happens if "they" decide not to continue to pay?....you think our economy has issues now...just wait.

It's time to reward responsible homeowners.


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