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Home Tenders Incorporated Live Staging

Our free service offers homeowners a smart way to protect their vacant homes while still keeping them ready to show to potential buyers. Home tending started years ago when contractors (not renters)  would move into a vacant property and use their own furniture to stage and maintain the home. The idea is simple, you invite a home tender to stage, maintain, clean and watch your vacant home so that it is always ready to show to potential buyers.

Benefits Of The Home Tender Service...

Higher Selling Price

Don't reduce the price, increase the appeal! Statistics prove that a well maintained home with attractive furniture and accessories tastefully arranged, mean a quicker sale. A comfortable (warm in winter, cool in summer) decorated home enables potential buyers to visualize how their own furnishings might look in the home and encourages them spend more time at the showing.

Eliminate The Distressed Property Feeling

A vacant and un-maintained home gives a distressed connotation to a potential buyer. The buyer sees the homeowner as anxious to sell and willing to accept offers far less than listing price.

Insurance Savings

Most homeowners are not aware that many homeowners insurance policies have a vacancy clause that dramatically increases the rate or automatically cancels the protection after a home is vacant for thirty days or more. Rate increases can be as much as 50% depending on your carrier.  A Hometender in place assures the home remains insurable at a reasonable rate.

Investment Protection

A Home Tender in your home can inform you about potential weather related damages and protect it from vandalism.  Any problems around the home can be detected early and repaired quickly before more costly damage can occur. A small leak left unattended can buckle hardwood floors, ruin carpeting, sheetrock and wall paper.  Even the finest neighborhoods are not immune to vandals that disfigure or destroy property or the theft of fixtures and appliances.

No Tenant Problems

Our Hometenders are under contract and are not renters. No landlord/tenant relationships are created. Hometenders are trained and contractually obligated to keep the house in model home condition, neat, clean, and ready to show.

No Cost to You

Unlike other staging services that charge a flat fee or a percentage of the sales price to the homeowner, our services our free to the home owner.  The Home Tender pays us a small monthly fee to participate in our program.

Live Staging Photo Gallery

We take great care to ensure that your home is properly staged.
The following photos are shown as examples of staged homes.

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