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Datelilne: How to Beat the Listing Blues

We've all been on them - difficult listing appointments at homes that we know will be less than easy to get ready to sell. One of my hardest had to be with the "Jones's," a really lovely couple who really, really loved their dog... and their cat... and their bird... and their hamsters. Ugh. Let's face it, they practically had a menagerie living with them and all the paraphernalia that went along with them including all the smells, pet stains and the wear and tear that goes along with that too!

 The minute I pulled up to the messy front yard strewn with bright green tennis balls and chewed up sticks I had a feeling there might be an issue. But it wasn't until the front door opened and a friendly golden retriever bounded past me and out the door with a strong pet smell wafting behind him that my fear was confirmed... The "Jones" home was an animal haven and the animal inhabitants were every bit as important as the humans. I put a smile on my face and waded past the dog beds and bird cages to discuss "de-cluttering" and "boarding" the animal family members.

 Being a dog-lover myself (you'll hear lots about my Golden Retriever, Annie here) I understood just how deeply that "animal love" can go. So treating it seriously and with respect, I was able to help them understand that their home and their animals while cute, loving and wonderful to them may turn-off potential buyers. It may seem like a lot of work to some sellers, but in today's buyers' market, as Realtors, it's our responsibility to encourage our sellers to do everything they can to get a leg up on their competition.

 And happily this relationship turned out to be a win-win for my sellers, for me and for the menagerie!




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