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Amgen Cycle Tour Kicks Off In Nevada City

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Amgen Cycle Tour Kicks Off In Nevada City

Todays AMGEN Tour Cyle Race was a tremendous thrill, as we caught the riders in the pellaton on the scheduled second leg of the tour in Nevada City California. The first leg of the race was cancelled because of all things, snow showers in Lake Tahoe. They were suppose to start the race in South Lake Tahoe and climb over Donner Pass, to arrive in Nevada City today. But spring weather being what it is in the Sierras, made for some pretty nasty biking conditions, and even here in Nevada City they had some snow last night before the race bagan. But fortunately the snow all melted away long before race time at 12:15.

From my vantage point which was a position I chose on Ridge Road, we had a long stretch to see the riders coming off in the distance. A class of school kids stood across the road from me. Their cheers were off the charts as the race went by. The enterage which included about a hundred CHP and police escorts also really got the kids going. By the time the riders came by the kids were really going berserk! Ben Swift from Rotherham UK took the second leg of the race today taking the overall lead on the first day of the 8 stage race. Last year the race started in Nevada City. Events like todays AMGEN Tour mean a lot to our area and certainly help to put Nevada County on the map to international visitors who have probably never heard of this place. Nevada City is chosen each year as the race location for it's scenic natural beauty and historic ambience. The area is famous as a historic gold mining town, but also now enjoys a burgeaning growing population of transplants who enjoy the amazing quality of life here.   

Todays Real Estate values in Nevada City and nearby Grass Valley have rebounded far bettet than many surrounding communities in California. "The Quality of Life Here", one resident said, "is vastly superior to anywhere I have lived anywhere around the country. As a former serviceman I have lived all over the world and nothing compares to the Nevada County Lifestyle. We love it hear!"

Comments like that are all I hear from people around here. Once they find this place they just love it here. The proximity to Lake Tahoe without getting over ten feet of snow fall like they get in Tahoe, is a great attraction. The architecture of many of the homes reflects the Tahoe Lifestyle. Ranch owners also love this area because of the year round grazing, and numerous riding trails throughout the county and in nearby Tahoe National Forrest. Bikers think they have died and gone to heaven here. Both road bikes and mountain bikes have infinate possibilities for all levels and abilities.