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I understand this doesn't exactly seem real estate related, but perhaps it is. Maybe one day one of us will be selling a large puppy mill in the Midwest. Maybe we can help spread the word to our new home buyers and save a life while doing it. I'm writing this to bring awareness and attention to a horrific but not new discovery that we often don't think about. When you purchase puppies or kittens from pet stores or pet chains, you're supporting mills. . .

When we buy a pet or even shop at a store that sells puppies, we contribute to a heartless underground industry that forces dogs to spend their entire lives in cages constantly breeding to support consumer demand for puppies.

If you're not familiar with the definition of a puppy mill, it's similar to raising cattle for production. Often times female dogs are kept in tiny cages and are forced to breed as often as possible for their entire lives. No love, proper attention or care given. Once they've produced many money making litters, they're put down. It's a business afterall. I won't go into the graphic and sad details of what goes on in a puppy mill, but here's a link if you choose to look further into this and educate yourself and others.


The waste

There are SO many strays and beautiful, loving dogs and cats available for adoption at local shelters, there's no reason to continue breeding these dogs in mass numbers and sell them for insane amounts of money especially in the conditions they're living in.

I'm guilty of this. =(

I purchased a Silky Terrier from a pet store for $900. It was adorable and I fell in love. I honestly didn't know a thing about mills or what was behind all this. All I knew was I saw him in a 10 gallon aquarium and he looked at me and that was it. The pet shop owner assured me that all his dogs are USDA certified and the places he purchases them from are inspected and stamped for approval. I believed this and it's a very well known pet store in Kamms Corner, (Cleveland) Later, after doing my own investigation I learned something else completely. The papers for my silky had the mill at the top. I dug around and found it's no different than any other mill, =(

I instantly thought of my puppy's family and parents still there and the conditions other dogs are living in. It's really just too sad. I just wanted to spread the word and let anyone know that may be in the market to buy a designer dog or a new pet from a pet store, to please head to a shelter and adopt or at least look in the paper and buy from a homebased breeder that care for their animals. I learned that NO local breeder that cares for their animals sells their dogs or cats to pet stores. They adopt them out only to people they believe will take care of the dogs and they don't keep them in aquariums. . .Even if the owner of the store promises and tells you they buy local or not from mills, it's almost impossible. Investigate where they get their dogs first before purchasing. Now while talking to buyers or showing backyards perfect for pets, When they agree, (and many new home owners will buy a dog.) I try to spread the word without being pushy of course. Just a simple, "This is a great yard for a dog! Just please adopt from a shelter and not buy one from a pet store, mall or online." That's it. No preaching or hounding, just a simple sentence that will hopefully stay in the back of their mind. I feel good knowing perhaps I've saved a puppy down the road. We can all make a difference.


Puppy mills sell to local Pet Stores for $10-$60 per puppy. But you pay 10x's MORE.

Puppies purchased in pet stores are often aggressive, problemed and hard to house train.

PetSmart is a wonderful chain. They don't sell puppies, (Which I'm sure they'd make a mint on) and only sell cats and kittens that have been neglected or strays. Adopting from them is safe, purchasing their in-store products at least go to support animals not mills.

Thanks for listening and please spread the word, even if just randomly; "Don't buy from pet stores" Not that I want to see them out of business, but until they change their method of greed and obtaining animals I've lost respect and won't support.

Scot Thrapp
Coastal Palmetto Realty - Conway, SC
Yes many people do not know the evil behind this business. I always buy from the breeder so I know how the animals are raised, the history, and quality behind the blood lines!
Oct 08, 2007 06:03 AM
Cecilia Sherrard
YouShouldOwn.com - Cleveland, OH
Thanks Scot for being educated and aware. I have this deep guilt from purchasing my puppy and want to do all I can to get the word out. You're right, many just don't know. I didn't. Tell someone, and spread the word.
Oct 08, 2007 06:17 AM