White Glove Service For REALTORS® Uses IDX To Generate Leads

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LeadBuilder – The Premiere Lead Generation Services For REALTORS®

Leads don't fall out out of the sky. If they did, we'd all be multi-millionaires and no one would have to work for a living. What a happy day dream that is! The reality is, good leads, the types that convert into sold listings are pretty tough to come by. What's worse is the lead services that actually do work are outrageously expensive and often don't provide the type of ROI that would make using a lead service a worthwhile endeavor.

This is where iHOUSE LeadBuilder comes into play. It's a white glove lead service created by one of the leading Real Estate Technology firms in the country. iHOUSEweb, creators of IDXPro and iHOUSE ELITE have strategically developed the LeadBuilder service geared towards higher echelon Agents and Brokers that want real high quality leads, not just clicks.

IDX uses your MLS listings and Pay Per Click to Generate High Quality Leads


Using IDX as a Landing Page Generates More Leads

LeadBuilder brings in traffic from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, very similar to how other Search Marketing firms work, however that my friends, is where the similarities end.

Because LeadBuilder is tailored specifically towards REALTORS®, our method for creating high quality leads focuses on using our own IDX to steer potential home buyers directly to what they were looking for, home listings.

When you begin a LeadBuilder campaign, iHOUSE will furnish you with either an IDXPro Search Page or an iHOUSE ELITE Office Website with built-in IDX. Both are tremendously effective at generating high converting leads.

Linking Your Pay Per Click Ads To Your IDX Listings Generates Better Leads

For instance, if a homebuyer in Florida wanted to find homes in Orlando, typically he'd go to Google and type in "Orlando Homes For Sale" and Google would show them results that matched their search. This is where it gets really interesting, because LeadBuilder not only serves up an ad that matches their criteria, but directs them to a page with MLS listings that match exactly what they were looking for. The home buyer is then able to click on a few listings before they are prompted to register.

This "teaser" registration is quite effective because it doesn't prompt them to register the minute they get to the page. The visitor is allowed to check out a few listings and is already engaged on your site before being automatically prompted to give up their information. The system works wonderfully and is entirely more effective than showing your listings without requiring registration.

What we want you to take away from reading this, is that there is a Lead generating service that uses IDX with the search engines to create higher quality leads. For more information, please visit www.ihouseleadbuilder.com or call us at 866-645-7702 and speak to a Real Estate Web Marketing Specialist who can help answer any questions you might have about the service.



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