Here is some money for your rent. Thank You so much!

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 I am a Real Estate agent and manage a few rental properties. I recently had a tenant that was behind in her rent payment and struggling to come up with the needed funds. The reason for the shortage was the money was lost while she was out grocery shopping. Of course, nobody turned in the money and she was left with a great deal of disappointment. Her story was told at her local church and the Church she belongs to, which is the Lake Sawyer Christian Church decided to step up and help this individual. It was a few hundred dollars and I think this deserves to be recognized. Her payment is now caught up and I wanted this Church to be recognized for their efforts. I am not a member, nor do I attend this Church. I just think that this Church needed to be recognized for their assistance and it makes me happy to see people out there willing to help and assist! I applaud you Lake Sawyer Christian Church!

I intend to go by and personally thank them. If you would like to visit a great community Church. Here is their info...

Lake Sawyer Christian Church

31605 Lake Sawyer Road S.E.

Black Diamond, WA 98010     

Map Link

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